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  • Anima Tactics – Saga 1 Awakening

    Anima: Tactics is a skirmish miniature wargame set in the world of Gaia, created for the Anima: Beyond Fantasy role playing game that has been a major hit in Spain. Anima: Tactics is a fusion of East meets West with Japanese video game style art, honor, and mysticism combined with Medieval arms and magic. Anima: Tactics is a no-holds barred skirmish combat game that pits heroic characters against each other in the struggle between Light and Dark. In this gritty battle, alliances change and heroes must struggle with their own souls to decide which side of the line they stand on. Draw the line and throw down the Gauntlet. Conquer your foe by utilizing your characters special powers in devastating combos. Get into the game with a Light or Dark starter game that includes 2 characters, rules, dice, character and asset cards, action counters and more. Increase your force and tactical flexibility with heroic character blisters from the light, Dark, or Neutral factions. Each Blister pack contains a highly detailed metal miniature, a character card, advantage card, and all the action counters and spell counters you need.Anima: Tactics has been launched simultaneously in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian) in Late November 2006. Expansion will be every 8-10 weeks and will include approximately 5 new characters per release.
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    Anima Tactics is a game edited by Edge Entertainment and Cipher Studios
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Scenario 1 : The Supernatural Weapon quest

There is a long time that the light and the Dark factions searched for this supernatural weapon. A new hope has risen the end of the quest is nearby …

-The Battlefield-

48 inches by 48 inches.

Deployment in each of the corner see map

Put in the middle of the map a special token representing the supernatural weapon.


-The party-

level 300

-Prepare the Game-

Each player write secretly on a paper the name of the leader of the party (need to be a warrior). This is the character that will carry the supernatural weapon.


Both players are trying to get the supernatural weapon. To do so the secret warrior has to pick up the supernatural weapon and exit the map (see special rules). If that character is killed the game ends and the winner is the opponent. When the character pick up the supernatural weapon he can use it (see characteristics on the card).




-Special rules-

1. Pick up the supernatural weapon. cost=2 actions, the character may not be engaged in a combat and has to be in base contact with the supernatural weapon.

2. The guardian. The first time that a character (every mini) came in contact with the supernatural weapon a guardian appears. This guardian is played by the opposing character and attack once then dissapear.

Then every turn the player that has the initiative roll a die if the result is 1-5 then another guardian with the same characters attributes appears on the table and attacks the bearer of the supernatural weapon

3. When a character pick up the supernatural weapon, roll a die if number is 1-5 the character has to left the table in the middle of the North of the terrain. If result is 6-10 then exit is in the middle of the south part.

3. When the character exits the table with the weapon he wins the game and roll a die if result is greater than 5, then this character can use the card for the next game for free.

-The guardian-









The supernatural weapon


PS:Map made with Dundjinny software-www.dundjinni.com


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