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  • Anima Tactics – Saga 1 Awakening

    Anima: Tactics is a skirmish miniature wargame set in the world of Gaia, created for the Anima: Beyond Fantasy role playing game that has been a major hit in Spain. Anima: Tactics is a fusion of East meets West with Japanese video game style art, honor, and mysticism combined with Medieval arms and magic. Anima: Tactics is a no-holds barred skirmish combat game that pits heroic characters against each other in the struggle between Light and Dark. In this gritty battle, alliances change and heroes must struggle with their own souls to decide which side of the line they stand on. Draw the line and throw down the Gauntlet. Conquer your foe by utilizing your characters special powers in devastating combos. Get into the game with a Light or Dark starter game that includes 2 characters, rules, dice, character and asset cards, action counters and more. Increase your force and tactical flexibility with heroic character blisters from the light, Dark, or Neutral factions. Each Blister pack contains a highly detailed metal miniature, a character card, advantage card, and all the action counters and spell counters you need.Anima: Tactics has been launched simultaneously in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian) in Late November 2006. Expansion will be every 8-10 weeks and will include approximately 5 new characters per release.
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    Anima Tactics is a game edited by Edge Entertainment and Cipher Studios
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angelique_starter01_mini02_jpgthumbnail.jpg Sister Evangeline – Light
From the moment of her birth, Evangeline was blessed and dammed with special abilities which made her different from other people. Now, under the severe supervision of the church, she has developed her mystical powers to serve the 13º bishop.

kronen_starter01_mini01_jpgthumbnail.jpg Kronen Roxxon – Light
As one of the high knights of the empire, Kronen is an impressive warrior with outstanding combat skills. Wearing heavy full plate armor and a gigantic sword that only he can wield, he is an indomitable force.

aoi_tactis.jpgAoi Inukai – Light

Regardless of her young age, Aoi is a formidable sorcerer, well versed in light magic. She loves human beings and desires to be able to live between them without the need to hide her true self. She works for Samael under the Fallen Angel Dinah, striving not only to accomplish her dream, but also to stop the dark schemes of radical Fallen Angels like Ophiel.

alliss_tactis.jpgAlis Testerossa – Light

Member of the prestigious Testarossa dynasty, one the most important noble houses of Argos, the revel and stubborn Alis was always the source of problems for all her family because her impetuous behaviour. When she was thirteen, Alis began to show some supernatural talents, and her parents, fearful of the fact that she could bring shame to her family, used their influence to send her to the church. There, Alis could develop her skills under the supervision of the Knights of the Saint Order, and when she was only 21 obtained the title of high captain in recognition to her extraordinary abilities.

Thanks to her control over energy and her capability of create wings of light and move upon the skies, she has began to become a legend over the Saint Order, and some people see her as a angel sent by heaven.

duncanreid.jpgDuncan Reid – Light

One of the special agents of The Hand of the Emperor, Duncan is a warrior of great skill. After years of irreproachable services for Abel, he is now in charge of finding relics of the Lost Loggia.

janiel_tactics.jpgJaniel – Light

Janiel is a Sylvain who has lived hidden among humans all her life. Working under the supervision of the Fallen Angel Dinah, she seeks a future where both humans and the supernatural can coexist.

khaine_tactics.jpgKhaine D’Lacreu – Light
Khaine D’Lacreu is a holy warrior, a soldier of the Empire and a champion of the Light. Her purity and her ferocious skill with a blade make her the terror of creatures of Darkness everywhere.

claire_tactics.jpg Claire Adelheid – Light

Claire Adelheid, a young idealist knight of the Order of Heaven. She hails from the deep woods of Alberia. The blood of the Sidhe run in her veins, enabling her to wield and invoke the power of the legendary Gae Bolg, one of the most ancient and powerful weapons of Lilium myth. Above all, Claire strives to create a better tomorrow, putting her soul on the line fighting all that threaten the future of the people of Gaïa. In more ways then one, Claire is the dream of Elisabetta incarnated.
kujaku_tactis.jpgKujaku Hime – Light

Kujaku is one of the princesses of the Asakura clan in Lannet and descendent of the goddess Michirokami. After accidentally releasing one of the Orochi seals, the young princess fled from her House in an attempt to atone for her fault. She wanders distant lands in search of some power which could stop the awakening of the Dark Aeon.

janus_tactis.jpgJanus Faith -Light

A Heaven’s Order High Knight raised to master all fighting styles. Even when he was only a child, he showed an unbound talent as a Domine fighter and was trained secretly to control his Ki abilities. Now, under the direct orders of the Empress Child, he commandsthe units in charge of searching for the Lost Loggias.

nerosm.jpgNero – Light
The holy hunter of the Church, Nero, is the loyal guardian of High Saint Elienai. Blessed with powers beyond compare, he is an unmatched and implacable Inquisitor.


tactics_d_starter01_mini01.jpgDark Cheshire – Dark
One of the fallen cherubim of the breed of the Ebudan, Cheshire is so old he has forgotten even his true name. Gifted with a natural talent for annihilation and war, his inborn powers are

shinigami_starter01_mini02_jpgthumbnail.jpg Shinigami Ayl – Dark
As one of the dark spirits of death, Ayl combines strong magic abilities with an incredible combat skill. With her powers, she is able cast even the souls of living creatures into oblivion.

azriel_tactis.jpgAzriel – Dark

The name of the Inquisitor Azriel has become legend among the ranks of the 13th Cardinal’s agents. Gifted with skills only equal to his malice toward anyone who defies the Abel’s Church, this dark hunter travels throughout Gaïa killing his master’s enemies without regret or pity.

bael_tactics.jpgBael – Dark
Bael is one of the half-breed daughters of the demon queen Tiamat. After living hidden among humans for centuries, she now works under the Fallen Angel Ophiel as his personal agent.

harod.jpgHarod – Dark

A deadly and skillful assassin, Harod is at home in the shadows and a lurker in the dark. His daggers and his poisons are dedicated to the ruination of the Empire – and your enemies …

kairos_tactis.jpgKairos – Dark

The duk’zarist Kairos is the younger brother of the 9o Fallen Angel, Ophiel, one of the lords of Samael. Even if he doesn’t share the same radical ideas of his brother about humankind, he still works under his command hoping that in this way he could try to stop his most extreme actions.

jerome_tactics.jpgJerome- Dark

Jerome, the second member of the Three People in the Abyss, the heir of his clan, but his devotion for his sister Hel caused him to follow her into exile. Like his leader Dead Moon, he now works with the Azur Alliance under the orders of the High Arbiter Aizen. As a born warrior, Jerome has inherited the ancient combat skills of his family and is able to combine them with the pirate queen’s personal style, making him a particularly deadly foe.

hel_tactics.jpgHel – Dark

Hel is Jerome’s Sister and the last member of the Three People in the Abyss. When she was only a child, Hel showed an unnatural faculty to kill people with her mere skin, a power which cast her away from her clan. After the encounter of the siblings with Dead Moon and being fascinated by her live style, she was able to polish her skills, transforming her into one of the most fearful assassins of the seas.

alessa.jpg Alessa Raincross -Dark

As one of The Crows of Wissenchaft and armed with Lost Loggia weapons, Alessa has become a prominent agent of Lucanor Giovanni. Thanks to the powers that she has received thought continuous experiments and magic implants, her aim and physical aptitudes have become truly inhuman.

justinasm.jpg Justina – Dark
Born with the terrible ability to see the sins hidden in the souls of others, Justian nearly went mad as a child. After being sent to the holy city of Albidion to be trained as a church executioner, she fell into the most absolute desperation, from which she was only able to escape thanks to the love and dedication of Damien, who trained alongside her. Now she is a solitary and terrifyingly efficient Inquisitor, able not only to wield an inhuman martial ability, but also to control the evil inside others and cause it to devour them from within. She finds dark pleasure in the hunt, and nothing makes her feel alive like vanquishing those with interior darkness. Unfortunately, in her damned eyes, very few are innocent.

nerosm.jpgXavier – Dark
The Dark Hunter, also know as the Shadow Inquisitor, is an enigmatic man enlisted to protect Hight Saint Elienai from harm. His power allows him exchange his own blood for raw dark energies he may use to destroy even the smallest form of light in any being, consuming their souls in the process.

deadmoonsm.jpgDeadmoon – Dark
Deadmoon, also known as the Pirate Queen or the Lady of the Blood Moon, is the young leader of the Three Lords of the Abyss. After becoming one of the most feared pirates of the Interior Sea, the fame of her abilities became so legendary it attracted the attention of Matthew Gaul himself, who put her to service aside his companions. Now she uses her control of Darkness and the night to achieve the aims of her lord and her own.


tactics_akio.jpgAkio Kageshima – Neutral
A wandering monk, Akio Kageshima possesses the abilities and talents that can only come from a lifetime of honing body and mind to perfection.
celia.jpgCelia – Neutral
One of the legendary assassins of the Selene order, Celia has thrown away her dark past in order to be
with her new companions of the Conclave under the supervision of Lucanor Giovanni. Marked as a
traitor by Selene, she now must survive being hunted by her previous friends.

faust.jpgFaust Orbatos – Neutral
Faust Orbatos is a professional, a warrior for hire who knows his business and will keep out of yours. Stand back and let him work.

tactics_derek.jpgDerek Shezard – neutral
A warrior without peer, the only thing that rivals Dereck Shezard’s skill in arms is his incredible kinetic powers and his blinding speed.

feng-yi_tactics.jpgFeng Yi – Neutral

Feng Yi was a prominent agent of the Selene Order, well recognised by her remarkable martial skills as well as her friendly behaviour. After her apparent death at the hands of the High Inquisitor Lostaroth, she was saved by the Wissenchaft Researcher Reist Ebersbacher, thus becoming a member of his mysterious organization. Now, Feng loyalty is split between her former companions and the people to who she owns her life.

jiangpao.jpgJiang Pao – Neutral

The cheerful and carefree Jiang Pao wanders throughout the world without more concern than having a good time and flirting with beautiful women. However, despite his easy going appearance, he hides an indomitable fighting spirit forged by the best martial masters of the Maisen Academy.
linpao.jpgLin Pao – Neutral
Lin Pao continually searches for the new challenge, the new technique, and the new experience. She wanders Gaïa, perfecting her mind and body, always ready to do battle to prove herself.

sophia_tactics.jpgSophia Ilmora – Neutral
Sophia is the last descendant of the legendary Sage Calandra Ilmora and like her ancestor, she is gifted with one of the most brilliant minds of Gaïa. Bored with her tedious studies, she has decided to wander the world looking for things that awaken her interest.

tsubata.jpgTsubasa Kuokami – Neutral
Samurai of the Kurokami house, after mastering the Houou combat style he has become one of the best warriors of his land. Now, Tsubasa travels around the world, finding worthy opponents to test his skills.

takanosuke_tactics.jpgTakanosuke – Neutral

Takanosuke is the son of Kage Yagura, the head of the great clan Asakura ninjas. Childhood friend of princess Kojaku, he has being ordered to bring her back to the main house by any means, but after discovering her fate, he has decided to go along with the princess in her quest to halt the awakening of the Dark Aeon Orochi. Takanosuke, whose veins flow the blood of a war Kami, has mastered the power of the Void Eye, a fearful power which enable him to absorb all live around him.

damien_tactics.jpgDamien – Neutral

Like a shadow that crawls through the darkness unseen and unheard, like a dark angel bringing absolute silence,the Inquisitor Damien is an enigma even to the Church.To contain his abilities he has restrained his body in rune covered bindings and sealed his senses. Nevertheless,although blind, his eyes perceive more than any mortal sight has seen, illuminated by the clearness of eternal darkness…


6 Responses

  1. Very nice, I’ve been very eager to read up on the character backgrounds for Anima: Tactics and can’t wait till the rulebook is published so I can read more!

  2. This is totally awesome.

    Is there anyway you can link the images to larger shots? Also the faction would be useful info as well.

  3. THese minis are great! one remark though… don’t know if anyone else noticed, but the pic for Nero is the same pic as for Xavier… is that a mistake?

  4. So when can we buy these sweet figs?

  5. most of these are already out, and the ones that aren’t will be soon (one or two months tops)

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