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  • Anima Tactics – Saga 1 Awakening

    Anima: Tactics is a skirmish miniature wargame set in the world of Gaia, created for the Anima: Beyond Fantasy role playing game that has been a major hit in Spain. Anima: Tactics is a fusion of East meets West with Japanese video game style art, honor, and mysticism combined with Medieval arms and magic. Anima: Tactics is a no-holds barred skirmish combat game that pits heroic characters against each other in the struggle between Light and Dark. In this gritty battle, alliances change and heroes must struggle with their own souls to decide which side of the line they stand on. Draw the line and throw down the Gauntlet. Conquer your foe by utilizing your characters special powers in devastating combos. Get into the game with a Light or Dark starter game that includes 2 characters, rules, dice, character and asset cards, action counters and more. Increase your force and tactical flexibility with heroic character blisters from the light, Dark, or Neutral factions. Each Blister pack contains a highly detailed metal miniature, a character card, advantage card, and all the action counters and spell counters you need.Anima: Tactics has been launched simultaneously in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian) in Late November 2006. Expansion will be every 8-10 weeks and will include approximately 5 new characters per release.
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    Anima Tactics is a game edited by Edge Entertainment and Cipher Studios
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Advantage cards

Plot cards

Dark Faction cards

Light Faction cards

Unaligned cards


6 Responses

  1. A Question…Are there any plans to make a figure of the acrobatic warrior from the shadows of omega card game? Quite a few of the characters from the game have figures already but she seems to be left out.

  2. Hey when can I see the minitures for the Black Sun Faction for Anima? and when will there be U.S. release of the Anima Tactics rulebook come out? Thanks.

    P.S awsome game

  3. Question: Are the cards randomly distributed in the blisters? Or will you get the same card no matter how many times you buy Kujaku Hime (for example)?

  4. You get the same card with each character. There is no “random” element to your purchase.

  5. Thanks for the great resource!

    Almost all of the Saga I figures have been released, any chance we’ll see the cards for newly released figures?

  6. Thank you for the scans of the cards. I have just gotten into the game and now I can look out for all the figures/cards. Plus, now I can test out the figures (using proxies) this weekend!!!

    Wonderful game… all three parts (card game, rpg, minis)

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