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  • Anima Tactics – Saga 1 Awakening

    Anima: Tactics is a skirmish miniature wargame set in the world of Gaia, created for the Anima: Beyond Fantasy role playing game that has been a major hit in Spain. Anima: Tactics is a fusion of East meets West with Japanese video game style art, honor, and mysticism combined with Medieval arms and magic. Anima: Tactics is a no-holds barred skirmish combat game that pits heroic characters against each other in the struggle between Light and Dark. In this gritty battle, alliances change and heroes must struggle with their own souls to decide which side of the line they stand on. Draw the line and throw down the Gauntlet. Conquer your foe by utilizing your characters special powers in devastating combos. Get into the game with a Light or Dark starter game that includes 2 characters, rules, dice, character and asset cards, action counters and more. Increase your force and tactical flexibility with heroic character blisters from the light, Dark, or Neutral factions. Each Blister pack contains a highly detailed metal miniature, a character card, advantage card, and all the action counters and spell counters you need.Anima: Tactics has been launched simultaneously in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian) in Late November 2006. Expansion will be every 8-10 weeks and will include approximately 5 new characters per release.
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    Anima Tactics is a game edited by Edge Entertainment and Cipher Studios
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Paint from Thierry Husser : Nero


New Art from Wen-M: Veronica Kiss

Interesting to see all the layers

Paint from Thierry Husser : Justina


Paint from Thierry Husser : Damien


New Character Story Booklet

You can download a pdf with the character story here. If there are any errors or thing to add let me know.



New Character Story page


Want to know more about the story of the characters of Anima Tactics then go to

New official Paintings from Thierry Husser

Deadmoon Azur
Deadmoon, also known as the Pirate Queen or the Lady of the Blood Moon, is the young leader of the Three Lords of the Abyss. After becoming one of the most feared pirates of the Interior Sea, the fame of her abilities became so legendary it attracted the attention of Matthew Gaul himself, who put her to service aside his companions. Now she uses her control of Darkness and the night to achieve the aims of her lord and her own.
Justina Church
Born with the terrible ability to see the sins hidden in the souls of others, Justian nearly went mad as a child. After being sent to the holy city of Albidion to be trained as a church executioner, she fell into the most absolute desperation, from which she was only able to escape thanks to the love and dedication of Damien, who trained alongside her. Now she is a solitary and terrifyingly efficient Inquisitor, able not only to wield an inhuman martial ability, but also to control the evil inside others and cause it to devour them from within. She finds dark pleasure in the hunt, and nothing makes her feel alive like vanquishing those with interior darkness. Unfortunately, in her damned eyes, very few are innocent.
Nero Light, Church
The holy hunter of the Church, Nero, is the loyal guardian of High Saint Elienai. Blessed with powers beyond compare, he is an unmatched and implacable Inquisitor.
Xavier Dark, Church
The Dark Hunter, also know as the Shadow Inquisitor, is an enigmatic man enlisted to protect Hight Saint Elienai from harm. His power allows him exchange his own blood for raw dark energies he may use to destroy even the smallest form of light in any being, consuming their souls in the process.