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  • Anima Tactics – Saga 1 Awakening

    Anima: Tactics is a skirmish miniature wargame set in the world of Gaia, created for the Anima: Beyond Fantasy role playing game that has been a major hit in Spain. Anima: Tactics is a fusion of East meets West with Japanese video game style art, honor, and mysticism combined with Medieval arms and magic. Anima: Tactics is a no-holds barred skirmish combat game that pits heroic characters against each other in the struggle between Light and Dark. In this gritty battle, alliances change and heroes must struggle with their own souls to decide which side of the line they stand on. Draw the line and throw down the Gauntlet. Conquer your foe by utilizing your characters special powers in devastating combos. Get into the game with a Light or Dark starter game that includes 2 characters, rules, dice, character and asset cards, action counters and more. Increase your force and tactical flexibility with heroic character blisters from the light, Dark, or Neutral factions. Each Blister pack contains a highly detailed metal miniature, a character card, advantage card, and all the action counters and spell counters you need.Anima: Tactics has been launched simultaneously in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian) in Late November 2006. Expansion will be every 8-10 weeks and will include approximately 5 new characters per release.
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    Anima Tactics is a game edited by Edge Entertainment and Cipher Studios
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Modular Table project – Part 1 – the old trees

I have started this week-end the make up of my new modular table. The first module is a 30 cm x 30 cm, and it’s called the old trees.



Preview of the rules for the Saga 2

Anima Studio has posted on the international forum some examples of the coming rules for saga 2.

Base Lv: Since there will be much more minis, the “base play” Level will be up to 300 Lv; which was intended to be the base game from the beginning. Of course, this is only a mere recommendation.

Charge: You can re-roll your attack on a charge if you movement is more than 2 inches.

Shield: Shield Status can either give you a Base Armor of 4 or add a +2 to a previous existent Armor value. You can chose which of the is better depending of the character. I mean, someone with Base Armor 3 will have a 5 (adding a +2) meanwhile someone with Armor 1 will have a 4 (substituting his Armor value for a 4).

Status level: any “recast” status over one character which already have that status will be halved and rounded down. I mean that if you cast a Lv 2 Doom over a character who already have Lv 3 Doom, you will only add 1 counter in him.

Turn: You roll a dice each turn to decide who is the one who move first. Some character will also have a special skill named “Initiative”, which will add a +1 to your roll for each one. Is a very interesting addendum, since it can give you new tactics for combat.

Upkeep rules: You can exchange an Upkeep Action point by a Haste counter.

Deployment: There will be some special deployment skills, which can allow you to deploy character in other point of the game.

Boss characters: They are very “special characters” and you can only one of them per group, nevertheless your affiliation / faction. Even if they a better than the rest, they give double value Lv to your enemy if he can beat them.

Combined attacks / skills: You will have “advantage team cards”, which will allow you to do combined attacts if you play with some determinate characters. A good example will be the “Trio card” of the Pao Family, which can be use if you play along with Lin Pao, Jiang Pao and their master Long.

Affiliation Skill Cards: Maybe this is the biggest new “rule”, but till now is very useless since there is not enough minis to play with Affiliations teams (that’s why it was “left out”). When you play as an affiliation (like Samael, Sacred Holy Abel Empire, Wissenchaft…) you will have a different number of “Free Skill Cards” (depends of how many levels is the game) which you can use to “personalise” your Group depending of your tactic and personal preferences. For example, when you play with 300 Levels you can use up to 3 Skills cards, with things like;

-Heaven Order: Add a +1 to the Armor all your Warrior characters. EMPIRE
-Adaptability: In the recovery phase you can give an additional action recovery to one of your characters. WISSENCHAFT.
-Supernatural mastery: All your Mystic characters add a +1 to the Effect Resistance and +2 inches to the Control Zone of their Special of their Special Magic Skills. SAMAEL
-Forgotten artefacts: All the equipment cards of your characters cost -5 Lv. TOL RAUKO
-Divine retribution: You can re-roll one dice per turn. CHUCH

Of course… the truly funny thing is that you will have form 5-6 different Affiliation Skill Cards per Affiliation, but you could only choose a few of them.

Anima Beyond Fantasy

Wen-M has posted new concept of Anima Beyond Fantasy, Hope to see some in Anima Tactics.

anima______no_8_by_wen_m.jpg anima__banshee_by_wen_m.jpg anima__behemoth_beetle_by_wen_m.jpg anima__dryad_by_wen_m.jpg anima__flytrap_by_wen_m.jpg anima__huldra_by_wen_m.jpg anima__matilda_by_wen_m.jpg anima__thornlion_by_wen_m.jpg


Wave 3 : Alessa Raincross Green


photo-0021.jpg photo-0031.jpg photo-0041.jpg photo-005.jpg

and just a reminder the concept



Official Paintings : Wave 1 Neutral


Wave 2 is currently shipping

Kai Cipher has posted on the UK forum the latest pictures of wave 2



Scenario: The Supernatural Weapon quest

I have posted an idea of a first scenario , I will test it this week. If you guys will test it feel free to comments and give feedbacks.